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Cube formation of two car steering wheels

Challenges for auto lenders today

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Rising delinquency rates

Delinquency rates on auto loans have risen over 30% in the last year

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Manual processes

Agents are stuck manually servicing accounts, costing time and money

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Disjointed systems

Key tasks are handled out of separate tools, with limited communication between systems

Negative consequences of challenges

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Increased cost of capital

Extending loans is more expensive and riskier than ever, with default rates impacting your ability to get more capital

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Diminishing margins 

Every minute spent on servicing, collections, and back office inefficiencies decreases profits

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Poor borrower experiences

Working out of disconnected systems makes life difficult for your borrowers, agents, and back office

The value that 600+ lenders achieve through LoanPro’s modern lending and credit platform

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Increase operational efficiency with custom automations and auto lending guided workflows

  • Cube representing a list item bullet pointEmbed your business logic into LoanPro’s Automation Engine to service accounts in the background
  • Cube representing a list item bullet pointStreamline and automate processes like contracting, communication, and repossession
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Acquire new customers through increased efficiency

  • Cube representing a list item bullet pointSeamlessly integrate your origination partners into LoanPro’s modern API to form a single, cohesive system
  • Cube representing a list item bullet pointLaunch differentiated credit products, such as a line of credit based on a car’s current market value
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Establish customer loyalty through a best-in-class borrower experience

  • Cube representing a list item bullet pointProvide a delightful experience that encourages borrowers to return for future lending needs
  • Cube representing a list item bullet pointAutomation Engine services lending and credit products before customers even notice
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Reduce risk of defaults and regulatory fines

  • Cube representing a list item bullet pointUse hardship programs to keep struggling borrowers engaged instead of dropping off
  • Cube representing a list item bullet pointCompliance Safeguard keeps your operations aligned with ever-shifting regulations

How LoanPro
solves the problem
for auto lenders

Modern Lending Core

Handle auto loans, leases, lines of credit, and other innovative products through a unified lending platform

Origination Suite

Approve more consumers for auto loan and credit products through complete configurability

Servicing Suite

Streamline insurance updates, repossessions, and other tasks with automations and guided workflows

Collections Suite

Communications, hardship programs, and more that build a high-performance auto loan portfolio

Payments Suite

Automate the payment process through PCI-compliant ACH, debit, and credit payments

Launch any unique auto-related loans, lines of credit, and credit cards on one platform to drive growth

What our 600+ customers say about LoanPro

Why partner with LoanPro

The only lending platform at the intersection of innovation and scalability.

Innovate Quickly

  • Configurable end-to-end platform
  • Pre-configured templates for all classes of loans
  • API-first to integrate with existing tech stack

Scalable Growth

  • Launched over 2,000 credit programs
  • 25M+ active loans on LoanPro
  • Launch compliant loan modifications in days

Build a high-performing auto lending portfolio with LoanPro today

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