Launch next-gen credit card programs

LoanPro’s API-first credit platform gives you the tools to configure, deploy, and service credit cards through any issuer while unlocking competitive differentiation.

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A unified platform to launch credit cards

LoanPro’s composable architecture provides you with the building blocks for next-gen credit card programs.

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Origination Suite

Connect to any issuer, underwriting tool, and decisioning engine through LoanPro’s API-first platform.

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Modern Lending Core

A reliable foundation that tracks all card events in our Real-Time Ledger while using Compliance Safeguard to keep you in line with the CARD Act and other regulations.

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Servicing Suite

Automate servicing for cards so customers can request draws, make payments, change due dates, and more.

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Collections Suite

Provide payment flexibility and hardship programs for customers who are past due on payments.

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Payments Suite

Setup AutoPays and provide ultimate payment flexibility by storing tokenized payment profiles in LoanPro’s patented Adaptive Wallet.

The tools necessary to launch fully configurable credit cards

Launch truly differentiated credit card programs

LoanPro’s API-first, configurable architecture allows our customers to launch targeted, differentiated credit card programs. Here are a few examples.

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Consumer cards

Active military duty card

Borrower experience:

  • Lower interest rates on geofenced spending: Groceries and gas within a five mile radius of home incur a reduced 3% interest rate during deployment.
  • On base promotions: A reduced 7% interest rate for Commissary and BX purchases.
  • Family support: One-time $500 statement credit for air travel incentive to visit family during deployment.

Back-office experience:

  • Flip to installment: Convert large purchases into pay-in-four installment loans with the click of a button, reducing carrying costs for you and the borrower.
  • Flexible payment acceptance: Accept full or partial payments in store, online, or over the phone, whether they’re cash, card, check, or ACH.
  • Payment programs: Drive repayment by offering qualifying customers due date changes, payment plans, and hardship programs.
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Business credit cards

Construction card

Borrower experience:

  • Convert to installment: Convert transactions or balances to installment loans to reduce cost of capital.
  • Transaction-level credit: Land purchase rolled into installments with 5% interest rate, while materials remain on line of credit at 10% interest rate and labor at 15% interest rate.
  • Multiple access points: Direct disbursement to borrower for amounts <$5k ($50k total). Remainder must be invoiced by contractor.

Back-office experience:

  • Unique payment schedules: Create repayment schedules that align with varying merchant needs and your risk profile.
  • Collateral Tracking: Associate single or multiple pieces of collateral to a line of credit to reduce risk.
  • Merchant cash advance: Tie repayment directly to revenue of the business to increase differentiation and reduce default rate risk.

Create business value
with LoanPro’s
configurable credit card infrastructure platform

Keep ahead of the game with a credit card platform that does more

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  • Configurable, end-to-end platform
  • Compatible with your favorite issuers, partners, and tools
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  • Keep on top of compliance needs, including CARD Act and SCRA requirements
  • Vetted solutions ensure your road to compliance comes with guardrails
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  • Support card programs of any type, from consumer cards to business lines
  • Ensure that your potential for growth is limited only by your imagination, not your software
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  • Scale your business without growing pains
  • Support millions of credit cards from one, unified system

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Answers to your questions about LoanPro’s modern lending and credit platform

Does LoanPro have the tools to service and collect on cards?

Yes. Our Servicing and Collections Suites offer best-in-class tools to upgrade your customer experience and drive revenue.

Can I issue credit cards and installment loans?

Yes. Issue and service both lines of credit and installment loans within LoanPro. Link the accounts to each other and to the same borrowers to drive growth and increased loyalty among your existing customers.

Can LoanPro be CARD Act Compliant?

Yes. Compliance Safeguard provides one-click compliance tools that let you align accounts with the CARD Act, reducing the risk of mistakes, fines, and lawsuits.

Do you support B2B accounts?

Yes. Add businesses as customers and link them to accounts. Issue multiple cards with individual restrictions to offer several spending tools.

Launch first-to-market credit card programs that drive growth.

Talk with our team about how to empower your organization with LoanPro’s modern credit platform today.