Launch any credit or lending program imaginable

LoanPro’s API-first credit and lending platform gives you the tools to configure, deploy, and service any custom credit program.

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A unified platform to launch credit programs

LoanPro’s composable architecture provides you with the flexibility to create and manage any type of credit program, with configurability in back-office, agent, and borrower experiences.

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Origination Suite

Increase your conversion rate from applicants to funded loans with our configurable origination workflows that seamlessly integrate with all other loan life cycle activities.

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Modern Lending Core

A reliable foundation that tracks all lifecycle events in our Real-Time Ledger while using Compliance Safeguard to keep you in line with updated regulations.

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Payments Suite

Increase repayment rates by providing the ultimate payment flexibility and accept cash, check, ACH, and card payments.

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Collections Suite

Streamline collections to reduce default rates with Agent Walkthroughs and automations built around your business logic.

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Servicing Suite

Automate servicing tasks to match your custom business logic and increase operational efficiency by completing tasks in the background.

The tools necessary to launch fully configurable credit and lending programs

Launch truly differentiated credit programs

LoanPro’s API-first, configurable architecture allows our customers to launch targeted, differentiated credit programs. Here are a few examples.

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Personal installment loan

Active military personal loan

Borrower experience:

  • Lower interest rates on geofenced spending: Groceries and gas within a five mile radius of home incur a reduced 3% interest rate during deployment.
  • On base promotions: A reduced 7% interest rate for Commissary and BX purchases.
  • Build savings: Automatically put excess funds towards savings when members pay a large, monthly payment.

Back-office experience:

  • Flip to installment: Convert large purchases into pay-in-four installment loans with the click of a button, reducing carrying costs for you and the borrower.
  • Smart fields: Create logic-based fields that automatically verify military status when an agent inputs specific information.
  • Payment programs: Drive repayment by offering qualifying customers due date changes, payment plans, and hardship programs.
squares making up a compliance collection credit servicing program

Business installment loan

Merchant cash advance installment loan

Borrower experience:

  • Automated communication: Keep merchants in the loop on payoff progress and inform them of options ahead of time.
  • Comprehensive Loan Recasting: Should the need arise, easily modify live loans with full visibility into the Audit Trail.
  • Fast funding: Get funds in merchants’ hands fast by pushing to a bank card or account immediately.

Back-office experience:

  • Customizable repayment schedules: Create repayment schedules that align with merchants’ needs and your risk profile.
  • Easy payment waterfalls: Simplify the profit-principal split by designing allocations upfront.
  • Split loan repayments: Streamline repayment by collecting directly, or through split withholdings.

Create business value
with LoanPro’s
configurable credit and lending platform

Keep ahead of the game with a lending and credit platform that does more

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  • Configurable, end-to-end platform
  • Compatible with your favorite partners and tools
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  • Keep on top of compliance requirements, including CARD Act and SCRA
  • Vetted solutions ensure your road to compliance comes with guardrails
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  • Support any class of credit program, from B2B loans to consumer cards
  • Ensure that your potential for growth is limited only by your imagination, not your software
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  • Scale your business without growing pains
  • Support millions of accounts from one, unified system

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Answers to your questions about LoanPro’s modern lending and credit platform

Can I really create any custom credit program?

Yes. LoanPro’s composable architecture lets you create tailored programs that address borrowers’ needs and stay ahead in the market.

Is LoanPro capable of servicing any custom credit program?

Yes. Loans, leases, lines of credit, cards — any unique program you create can be fully supported by our API-first platform.

How fast can I go to market with a new program?

Among our 600+ lenders, we’ve seen companies create and deploy a new program within 3 weeks. However, the average time to go live is three months.

Can I issue credit cards and installment loans?

Yes. Issue and service both lines of credit and installment loans within LoanPro. Link the accounts to each other and to the same borrowers to drive growth and increased loyalty among your existing customers.

Launch differentiated lending and credit products today.

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