Launch fully customizable and compliant leases

LoanPro’s API-first lending and credit platform gives you the tools to configure, deploy, and service any type of lease you can imagine.

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A unified platform to drive growth in leases

LoanPro’s composable architecture gives you the flexibility to manage leases your way, with configurability in back-office, agent, and borrower experiences.

Rendering of a cube represening one of LoanPro's platorm suites
Rendering of a cube represening one of LoanPro's platorm suites
Rendering of a cube represening one of LoanPro's platorm suites
Rendering of a cube represening one of LoanPro's platorm suites
Rendering of a cube represening one of LoanPro's platorm suites
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Origination Suite

Increase your conversion rate from applicants to funded leases with our configurable origination workflows that seamlessly integrate with all other lease life cycle activities.

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Modern Lending Core

A reliable foundation that tracks all life cycle events in our Real-Time Ledger while Compliance Safeguard keeps you in the loop as regulations change.

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Servicing Suite

Increase operational efficiency by automating servicing in the background, leading to increased margins.

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Collections Suite

Decrease default rates by providing payment flexibility and hardship programs for customers who are past due on payments while tracking collateral in case you need to take action.

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Payments Suite

Increase repayment rates by providing the ultimate payment flexibility with any payment method imaginable.

The tools necessary to launch fully configurable leases

Launch truly differentiated lease programs

LoanPro’s API-first, configurable architecture allows our customers to launch targeted, differentiated lease programs. Here are a few examples.

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Point of sale lease

Tech equipment lease

Borrower experience:

  • Configurable promotional periods: Set up same-as-cash promo periods to reward borrowers for consistent on-time or early payments.
  • Automated communication: Send out customized statements and keep borrowers in the loop during every step of the lease life cycle.
  • Flexible Collateral Tracking: Simplify collateral tracking by letting borrowers attach multiple items to the same lease contract.

Back-office experience:

  • Seamless API connections: Automatically exchange data between LoanPro and any point of sale system.
  • Convenient returns: Streamline returns with flexible tools, no matter how many pieces of collateral are connected to the lease contract.
  • Dynamic documents: Create customized templates and generate branded lease documents, from contracts to invoices and beyond.
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Installment lease

Automotive installment lease

Borrower experience:

  • Configurable Customer Portal: Design a Customer Portal that fits your brand and configure it for convenient borrower self-service functionality.
  • Limitless payment options: Give borrowers total payment flexibility by accepting any payment method imaginable.
  • Comprehensive Lease Recasting: Assist borrowers by easily launching hardship programs that are in compliance with all state-by-state regulations.

Back-office experience:

  • Easy post-least buyout: Ultra-configurable lease terms make it easy to convert a lease contract into an installment loan.
  • Customizable Collateral Tracking: Customize collateral fields to fit your business needs.
  • Automated communication: Keep borrowers in the loop on their payoff progress and inform them of options ahead of time.

Create business value
with LoanPro’s
configurable lending and credit platform

Keep ahead of the game with a lending platform that does more

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  • Configurable, end-to-end platform
  • Easily compatible with your favorite partners and tools
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  • Keep on top of compliance needs, including SCRA, TILA, Reg Z, and other requirements
  • Vetted solutions ensure your road to compliance comes with guardrails
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  • Support any lease model, from automotive to business-to-business
  • Ensure that your potential for growth is limited only by your imagination, not your software
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  • Scale your business without growing pains
  • Support millions of accounts from one, unified system

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Answers to your questions about LoanPro’s modern lending and credit platform

What payment methods does LoanPro support?

LoanPro supports cash, check, card, and bank account payments, and offers you the flexibility to create new payment methods that apply to your leasing business.

Can I really create any custom credit program?

Yes. LoanPro's composable architecture lets you create tailored programs that address borrowers' needs and stay ahead in the market.

How does LoanPro help me stay compliant?

Compliance Safeguard provides one-click compliance tools that let you align accounts with regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of mistakes, fines, and lawsuits.

Can I customize automatic communications?

Yes. Use Dynamic Templates to ensure communications fit your brand and drive customer engagement.

Launch differentiated leases that drive profitable growth.

Talk with our team about how LoanPro can help you grow your lease and lending portfolios today.