Frequently asked questions

We’ve made it easy to answer all of your questions by compiling commonly asked questions when evaluating lending and credit platforms. See more details below, and reach out to our team for more details.

What is LoanPro?

At our core, we’re a loan servicing software. LoanPro acts as your core program management platform, using our API to consolidate your servicing, collections, payment processing, lending CRM, and more into a single platform.

How is LoanPro different from other loan management softwares?

LoanPro gives control back to the lender. Instead of being locked down by what your loan manager can and can’t do, we provide lenders with a wide array of configurations when needed to scale effectively. Being built on our own API means we integrate smoothly with any existing or outside products, automating processes and increasing efficiency. Our best-in-class configurability enables lenders to quickly pivot their product offering to adapt to market shifts. LoanPro’s cloud-native architecture unlocks unlimited loan programs within a single environment, where you can build and manage consumer and business loan programs, from installment to line of credit, in one platform.

Will I have access to my data?

Yes, LoanPro offers out-of-the-box reporting, drag-and-drop custom dashboards, and a fully open API, which means you can access your data at any moment. Additionally because LoanPro is 100% cloud based, your entire database is available directly through AWS.

What does migrating to LoanPro look like?

Moving from your legacy platform over to a new system can seem like a tall task, but our team of loan migration experts have done it hundreds of times with systems as unique as yours.

Can I try LoanPro before I buy?

LoanPro software does not offer a free version of the platform, however during your evaluation process you will have access to a trial account, where you can configure loans, adjust settings, and see everything LoanPro has to offer.

Is LoanPro Software secure?

Yes. We hold both SOC 2 and PCI-DSS level 1 certifications, which are renewed annually. These certifications require that we follow secure practices in code and hardware as well as company operations. LoanPro utilizes the latest in SSL, encryption, and security frameworks to make sure that all of the data we host is secure at all times. We utilize Amazon’s world-class data centers, which are highly secure, utilizing state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Environmental systems are designed to minimize the impact of disruptions to operations and multiple geographic regions and Availability Zones allows for effective disaster management.

Does LoanPro have an online portal for borrowers?

Yes, through LoanPro, you can set up a simple customer-facing website where borrowers can login and view their account. From the customer website your borrowers can make payments, upload documents, create AutoPays, and take other actions on their account.

How much does LoanPro cost?

It depends, LoanPros pricing packages are determined by volume of loans, and level of service/support agreement needed to support your business goals and objectives. LoanPro provides packages from startups all the way through large enterprise solutions. Talk to sales today to start your preliminary pricing discussion.

Can I make payments within LoanPro?

Yes! Our PCI and DSS compliant Secure Payments Wallet is directly integrated with 12 different payment processors. These processors can transact bank card payments (credit and debit), eCheck/ACH payments, and Canadian EFT payments. They can also transact the sending of funds to a debit card or bank account.

Can the LoanPro platform automatically notify borrowers?

Yes, our system can automatically generate statements, payment reminders, through a variety of formats (Hard Mail, SMS, Email & Push notifications). Borrower communication is logged directly on the loan, helping you to maintain compliance and historical records.

Does LoanPro support electronic signatures?

Yes, LoanPro has a native integration with DocuSign.

Can LoanPro handle loan configurations with different terms, down-payment amounts, interest rates, early payoff, term modifications, etc.?

Yes, the LoanPro platform is highly configurable, create unique loan programs with our no-code lending core, our take on no-code means easier, but no sacrifice of control. Custom workflows and rules can also be created and applied across your entire account, per portfolio, or all the way down to a single loan. Even when the loan is live, changes can be made to meet complex needs; accommodate hardships, change due dates, create custom schedules, modify rates, and more. LoanPro prides itself on the most robust and accurate loan calculator in the industry.

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