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Truly take control of your data. LoanPro is your hub for everything lending. Rather than mixing and matching different programs which may not be compatible and spreading your data, LoanPro provides a single source of truth.

All your data in one place.

Our API connects your existing software seamlessly into our Lending Core. Our core specializes in the servicing of a loan, but is uniquely equipped to bolt on other features, such as origination. This streamlines your efficiency and keeps every aspect of your loan, from start to finish, in one place.

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LMS Features

Loan Calculations

Accurate calculations for APR, TILA, Amortization, Payment Waterfall, Past Due, Credit Bureau Reporting

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Loan Attribute Tagging

Categorize and group your loans in various ways, such as Loan Status/SubStatus, Portfolios, Source Company, Custom Fields, and Checklists

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Automatically draft funds from the borrower's bank account or debit cards

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Collector Queue tools

Create groups of accounts and assign a user to perform collections on the accounts in each group.

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Document storage & Association

Upload documents for specific accounts and manage documents that are relevant to specific loans

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Other Key Features

Simplify. Automate. Dominate.

There’s no time like your time. No matter how experienced your servicing team may be, the complexity of loan management usually results in unwanted human error, costing you valuable time and money. LoanPro simplifies the complex by automating your difficult processes, which minimizes human error and gives you time to focus on other aspects of your business, such as customer acquisition.

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