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LoanPro Advantage

Secure Payments

Our Secure Payments platform will keep your borrowers’ payment data safe while providing you with several payment processing options. Whether you prefer bank card or ACH payments, we’ve got you covered.

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Configure Various Terms

No B2B loan is the same. LoanPro makes it easy to configure loan terms to accommodate unusual payment frequencies.

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Custom Forms

Communication is key. Create rules to send custom reminders via SMS, email, and more to borrowers about upcoming payments or other important information.

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Don’t limit yourself with out-of-date software. Our configuration-first approach gives you the exact lending products you need when servicing within the B2B vertical, including*:

  • Invoice Financing
  • Factoring Receivables
  • Small Business Loans
  • Payroll Advance
  • Hard Money
  • Working Capital
  • SBA
  • Credit Limit
  • Construction Loans
  • Equipment Leases

*List is not exhaustive, for information on other supported products reach out to your LoanPro sales rep.

Key Processes

Complex processes and lack of automation are among the biggest problems businesses face when servicing loans. Customizable wizards allows increased automation and negates human error by ensuring processes are followed in the case of:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Fraud
  • Complaints
  • Policy Charge Off
  • And more…

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