LoanPro’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) Soars Amidst Pledge of “Powering Financial Innovation”

By: Dylan Jacobson
April 28, 2022

Survey finds LoanPro’s NPS over 3x the industry benchmark

FARMINGTON, Utah, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LoanPro, a leader in core lending software which specializes in the servicing of loans, announced the results of their Net Promoter Score survey among current clients. The average NPS for B2B companies range from 3 to 62, with anything over 50 considered word-class. LoanPro scored a 92.

The NPS survey gauges customer satisfaction by asking a single question: “How likely are you to recommend our product to a friend and/or colleague?” With a score over 3x the B2B software and SaaS benchmark of 30, LoanPro attributes this credit to their resolve of “powering financial innovation.”

Lloyd Roberts CRO of LoanPro said, “For years, lenders have been bound by the restraints of their current lending software. They may have innovative ideas but unless their loan tech can be easily configured to accommodate these technical adjustments, speed to market and development costs can become prohibitive. When LoanPro says it is “powering financial innovation”, we mean we provide the off-the-shelf loan tech tools necessary for innovators to pivot and adjust quickly to bring their lending innovations to life.”

More than just their software, LoanPro’s client success team shares the spotlight in this NPS achievement. With over 50 years of combined experience in the lending ecosystem, LoanPro’s team doesn’t just know their software, they know lending.

“It’s a win for everybody involved and a big testament to our team’s ability to simplify the complex,” said COO Ben Roberts, when asked about his team’s contributions to the NPS. “It’s fun for all of us to see the look of relief on our clients’ faces when they realize how much easier it is to organize and service loans inside of LoanPro.”

About LoanPro
LoanPro is a core lending software which empowers tech-forward lenders through automation and data visibility. Built on its own API, LoanPro unites with its users existing software, while encouraging the use of powerful integrations and unifying all aspects of the loan lifecycle in a single source of truth. Lenders enjoy increased transparency, control, flexibility, real-time database access, calculation accuracy, and scalability. For more information on LoanPro, visit