Making Waves In Loan Servicing Software

By: Will Gifford
December 18, 2020

“The Lend”

“The Lend” podcast is one of the premier ways to learn about lending solutions and innovations. Joseph Arnaud, discusses lending software and other services with industry leaders and disruptors in a mission to bring the best solutions to the forefront of the industry.

Loan servicing software is the glue that holds lending organizations together. Without a quality product it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of borrowers through the loan lifecycle and collections processes. “The Lend” is getting the word out about innovations to loan management systems.

LoanPro Featured

LoanPro is excited to have Lloyd Roberts, CRO and Co-Founder of LoanPro featured on a recent episode of “The Lend” to discuss the shortcomings of loan servicing systems, and how LoanPro is solving those problems. You can listen to the full podcast here by scrolling down to episode 39.

Here is a summary for those who don’t have time to listen to the full 40 minutes of brilliance.

  • There are problems lenders face when it comes to loan management software. The founders of LoanPro know this because they have been lenders and created a product specifically to solve those problems.
  • Those problems include critical issues, like APR calculation accuracy and scalability as your lending needs grow.
  • Those Problems also include less critical but still important things, like ease of use, integration capabilities, and automation
  • LoanPro solves these issues with a powerful, full-featured API that allows for countless integrations, configuration wizards that allow for customization and process automation, and a foundation built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows for complete scalability as you grow.

These bullets can’t cover everything Lloyd and Joseph discuss in “The Lend” podcast so be sure to give it a listen when you get the chance. When it comes to loan software and how it fits into the lending process, nobody knows better than LoanPro because we have been on both sides. We have experienced the issues ourselves and have set on a mission to solve those problems.

Learn more about LoanPro’s loan servicing solutions now.