Continued Growth, Expanding Opportunities

By: Dylan Jacobson
October 1, 2021

Our People are Awesome

LoanPro continues to develop its culture of amazing employees who are humble, hungry, and smart. As we continue to grow and expand the business it is a great opportunity for our team members to also learn, develop and grow into new opportunities.

We believe that with continued growth we will continue to expand and redefine the roles of certain departments for the betterment of our people, product and customer experience. We are excited about the growth and expansion opportunities in all our departments.

The following team-members are just a few examples of the recent changes that we wanted to formally recognize for their dedication and mastery in their fields:

Eduardo Mohedano (Technical Lead)

His ability to explain and simplify complex topics has been recognized by almost everyone in the company. Eduardo is inquisitive, reflective, and an extremely smart engineer.

Hector Antunez (Technical Lead)

Proven to be a very talented programmer, Hector is methodical, analytical, and possesses a rare combination of being able to work equally well in all aspects of a software product.

Clement Ronzon (Technical Lead)

Proven to be an invaluable asset, Clement has taken on tasks that have been enormous in nature, and works with speed and efficiency in these massive tasks.

Oscar Hinojosa (Director of Cloud Engineering)

Oscar has been instrumental in so many things, dating back to LoanPro’s origins, and is one of the original designers and programmers of our product.

Juan Carlos Ibarra (Director of Software Operations)

“JC” is known for his deep understanding of LoanPro’s operation and a unique talent for identifying and fixing issues.

Mario Falomir (Director of Software Engineering)

One of the original designers and programmers of LoanPro, Mario’s legacy can be found all over the codebase. He oversees all development efforts and transformations necessary to achieve LoanPro’s goals.

We know these team-members will excel at their expanded roles and continue doing special things at LoanPro. Congratulations and keep up the good work!