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Fundbox, Event Sourcing and LoanPro

LoanPro is being utilized in unique and exciting ways. Because of LoanPro’s adaptability, there are seemingly endless integrations and use cases for the different features we offer. One such tool is the calculations tool that Fundbox references in a recent article about event sourcing combined with the LoanPro stateless calculator.

The flexibility of LoanPro is something that is unmatched in the lending industry, with a full featured API, customization and new integrations are the norm and allow for the creativity of both the LoanPro team and customers to build something amazing that works well for their needs.

Shaking hands on a deal

In this partnership with LoanPro, Fundbox has found some very interesting ways to utilize the stateless calculation tool to simulate a variety of different loan states and actions. For example, you may want to understand what a loan would look like if a payment were made the next day, or if a payment was made in a different than normal amount in the future.

We are always excited to see how partners are using LoanPro to make lending a more navigable world and a better experience for both lenders and borrowers.

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