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“To be able to unlock growth, switching to LoanPro was absolutely critical.” – Nick Curry, CFO

Nick Curry, CFO of Modern Asset Management

We recently interviewed one of our long term clients, Modern Asset Management, to discover why they transitioned from AutoPal to LoanPro. 

When Modern Asset Management initially sought a loan management solution they discovered AutoPal, a software built by lenders for lenders. While AutoPal served their needs for years, they required a more scalable platform as the company expanded which led them to LoanPro. This partnership facilitated Modern Asset Management’s success by offering a best-in-class tech stack, improving operational efficiency, and accelerating their growth. LoanPro remains a supportive partner for all of Modern Assets’ future endeavors.

These are the key outcomes outlined in our case study that Modern Assets has enjoyed by transitioning to LoanPro:

  • Increased agent servicing efficiency from 30 loans per month to 300 loans per month using automation
  • Decreased delinquency rates by approximately 20%
  • Increased agent efficiency by over 10x by migrating to LoanPro
  • 4x growth since 2021 supported with the ability to leverage LoanPro’s API

Read the full case summary here

Spencer McWilliams

Product Marketing Specialist