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Modern Tools Supporting Healthcare

Determine the success of healthcare providers through managing risk, and ensuring financial stability.


Give Better Help to Healthcare

Deepen relationships by offering healthcare lenders a tech-forward approach to loan servicing, including collateral tracking, automated compliance, and utilizing configurable lending types to support the financial growth of the healthcare industry.

  • Medical Equipment
  • Working Capital
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Practice Acquisition
  • Real Estate
  • And More…


market size growth expected for healthcare finance from 2022-2030


of medical financing was provided by private lenders last year


of consumers of all ages trust healthcare providers with their personal data

Every department succeeds with LoanPro

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One Platform

A single platform eliminates the need to use separate systems for calculations, servicing processes, communication, payments, collections, and reporting.


Integrate LoanPro using our fully-open API with existing systems. Use our unique webhooks for event-based workflows and middleware free integrations.

Expand your Product Line

Unlock unlimited loan programs within a single environment. Add new lending products and models to your LoanPro instance with ease.

Analytics and Reporting

Access and retrieve comprehensive lending data via custom drag & drop dashboards or through the API securely and efficiently.

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Offload PCI Compliance

Our PCI compliant Secure Payments wallet facilitates payment processing, including 12 integrated partners, all within the LoanPro platform.

Security & Certifications

Protect your data with LoanPro’s strict security protocols, including adherence to OWASP guidelines, and SOC 1-3 and PCI-DSS level-1 certifications.

Single-System Compliance

Unify your systems into LoanPro for a system of record with real-time data, compliance settings, auto-archived documents, and an immutable ledger.

Quality Control Guard

Our pre-production QA team checks every software change before it goes live, preventing costly errors and ensuring compliance.

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Customer Convenience

Send reminders through automated communication and increase collections by providing convenient payment options for your borrowers.

Credit Limit Functionality

Allow additional financial draws for various services. Funding can be given to different source companies (providers) at different times.


Drive acquisition and retention through unique loan programs, such as repayment schedules that match income patterns or decreasing payments over time.

Data-Driven Retargeting

Identify audiences for retargeting and retention campaigns with a database oriented around the borrower rather than the loan.

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Reduce Human Error

Streamline complex or repetitive tasks to increase agent efficiency. Clients report averages of a 300% uptick in loans managed per agent.

Easy Payment Options

Best-in-class autopay functionality and configurable due date scheduling with convenient payment options for hassle-free payments.

Agent Experience

Onboard agents faster with customizable in-product guides. Bonus: with our guides, Agents can handle more cases, in less time, with fewer errors.

Source Companies

Allow providers/facilities you funded to have access to loans obtained through their facilities, and service and collect payments on site.


Our API enables outside systems to securely gather data from and make updates to LoanPro. Directly connect your custom-built applications.

Full Database Access

Own your data. We give direct database access for fast data retrieval, so large data sets can be pulled, used, warehoused, and analyzed outside of LoanPro.


Send webhooks to notify other applications of loan events, like payments, or conditions, like delinquency. Keep your other systems informed when changes to loans occur.


Don’t change your operation to fit your software; choose a software that fits into your operation. We offer connectivity options that help LoanPro work seamlessly with your other systems.

Purpose Built

Built specifically for your intended lending use case. Using our industry knowledge combined with your input and best practices we’ve seen across industries each configuration is setup to do the exact work that needs to be done.

Customizable Configuration

Every lender has unique requirements. The tech stack used to build on our lending platform has the flexibility to accommodate your current and future needs through simple configurations.

Simple and Streamlined

Eliminate costly errors through simplifying and automating your lending. Every action taken to streamline your processes increases loan performance and bottom line revenue.

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